Mehndi (Hina) #benefits 

Do you know ???

There are three essential factors for healing

1. Expulsion of fluids from the wounds  

2. Cessation of production of any more fluid

 3. Formation of healthy flesh (granulation tissue) to fill the gap.

Mehndi contains all these three factors and 

possesses very good healing properties. If 

Mehndi leaves are soaked in water throughout 

the night and this decanted water, if taken in 

morning for 40 days, is effective in leprosy and 

heals the wounds.

It is a good healing agent for burns. Its gargles

are beneficial in stomatitis and all ulcers of

tongue, cheeks and lips. Its local application has 

soothing effects on acute inflammations and hot 

abscesses. Henna levels’ extract in oil mixed 

with natural wax and oil of rose, if applied locally 

in conditions of backache, is highly effective.

The oil prepared from olive oil and leaves of 

Henna is very much effective in muscular 

rigidity. If Henna leaves are soaked in a 

sufficient quantity of water and kept throughout 

the night and the decanted water is taken in 

morning it is effective in Jaundice and 



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