Do looks really matter in life? Part 1

​Yes, looks matter in life. It’s a sad

truth, but truth it is. 😕

It’s now an established fact that

attractive people find it easier to get

promotions, crack an interview with

the same knowledge as an average

looking person and get away with

things easily.


Physical attrac

tion is the first step in

about 95%+ love stories. (A safe

assumption). Pretty girls will get

more attention and will almost

always have a bigger pool of

candidates to date from. Ditto for

good-looking men.

We might try to deny by saying that

looks aren’t everything. But they have

a huge value, they give a lot of people

that one chance which could change

their lives forever.

We almost always are attracted to

better looking people.

I don’t mean to say that they are the

sole factor which dictate everything,

but they certainly matter a lot.

Personality is more important, I

would agree. But I wouldn’t disagree

with the fact that good-looking people

have a lot of advantage in life. It’s

juvenile to deny this fact. 

And this is all because of society made it so……

Don’t judge others based on

appearances, actions without

knowing them

Why do so many people feel the need to make

fun of and judge others???

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to

others, whether it’s to our family members,

peers or even celebrities we see in the media.

We base our judgments of ourselves and

others on these comparisons.

Judging others sometimes gives people a

sense of prestige because demeaning others

can create a false sense of security and


All in all, I hope that more people this year

start out with open minds and reduce the

amount they talk about, make fun of, and

judge others. Once more and more people

begin to do this, it will result in a happier life

for all.

Always remember, treat others how you want

to be treated.


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