Greatest Fear 

Hello people! Since the last few days, I wasn’t getting anything to write about. But yayy, I found some amazing writing prompts. 😻 So, for the next few days, I will stick to them. ☺

Last night a saw a dream that

 I’m locked in a room, and I turn back to find the kind of a situation, I literally faint. 😵 I can do anything but this. Public speaking has always terrified me. It’s not like I haven’t been on the stage, I have done this so many times in school, but still, this ‘stage-fear’ always persists. Whenever I am asked to speak, I feel the goosebumps rising and I start panicking, there’s no *OFF*switch to it. 😨

So, when I’m standing there, I see hoard of people comfortably sitting back on their chairs and gazing at me intently, waiting for me to speak. I think it’s kind of extempore or something.

And while I am looking at them, I am thinking, “You people! I hate those smiling, carefree faces. It’s because you weren’t asked to speak that you’re so happy. Come and stand at my place, then let me see you laugh! 😒”

Before me, stands a mic. A happy, jolly, proud mic! He has seen lots of great people in his life, he has watched many glorious speeches with his own eyes. He is the tool of great leaders!

And now he is staring at me, with his slow, inviting smile, I feel like he’s challenging me, “Can you even speak?” That makes me shiver to death. .😟

As I raise my eyes i still find those people gazing back. They’re watching my moves, they’re peeking into my insecurities. 😼

Finally, when I find no escape, I decide to speak. But!!!! 😨 I can see nothing, I can hear nothing, I can feel nothing. Everything’s fading away, everything’s turning black. When I open my eyes, I find myself in the ‘Sick-room’, resting comfortably, they tell me that I fainted. Oooo, thank God, I am saved from that terrible situation. 😻

Anyways, this fainting wala thing has never happened honestly. It just was a dream 

😂 I just wanted to describe what I feel like when I’m in that situation.☺☺


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