Unpleasant Vibes 🌞🌝

Garmi tum q aagyi:? 😴

U don’t know how much I hate you:?

Well I have to face you like everyone else but plz don’t be so harsh and tell your sun🌞  he shouldn’t be so cruel to shine bright.

And only allow wind to blows in eve🍁..as noon blows unpleasant kinda. Well i’m quite ready to heat the beat by my some energetic energies😁 hope this vibes cool my temp. 💭


Did u know ?

Flowers have Vitamin F which boosts our emotional energy. 

Having flowers around you give a connect with your loved ones. 

So this summer I’m gonna make my home spring ready by hanging bottles of flowers and leaves🌿🌻🌺🌹🌼.

To all the people out there, get into the habit of gifting yourself flowers 🌻 and be creative with displaying them❤ . 

So here up I ‘am. 

There was a time in everyone’s life where they feel depressed, negative, demotivated, demoralized and almost given up. But you never know what tomorrow beholds. 

We can overcome our problems only by facing them courageously and having positive set of mind. 

So here on my blog i’will write everything that brings motivation in you. 

Need all your love and blessings😇